Dolphinarium late 70's

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Dolphinarium late 70's

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Mon Feb 20, 2006 8:48 am


I used to work on the main gate then the dolphinarium taking money and then just before I left school in 76(ish) Terry Bob arranged for me to work in the Dolphinarium/Seaworld as a sort of junior animal keeper. I was probably crap at the job but I loved my time there and due to problems at home pretty much spent most of my time there, I remember the room in the white house with a huge black house painted on the wall - and everyone constantly out of their heads in the evening on grass.
I was always looked after - noone would let me smoke, but I do remember being very drunk the night before my english GCE, heaven knows how I got through it.
I remember when Hazel the elephant went mental (and why) and when the watertight gate fell on Nigel in the dolphin pool. I cried when Freya (later called Winnie) lost Cleo she was so sad. And when Snappie died.
Also when some armpit painted one of the pengiuns blue.

Dont know if anyone would remember me - I was a miserable cow, madly in love with Lee Chanona (and Rob Still) - was skinny with long dark curly hair. Worked a lot towards the end of my time there with Liz on the parrot show, but when she left I went soon after to go and help her at Alton Towers doing the parrot show there for about a year.
Working at WSP was without doubt the most memorable time in my life and the one job which I will always regret leaving.
Berni - left WSP in 1980 ish

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Re: Dolphinarium late 70's

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Mon Apr 27, 2009 5:39 pm ... 1350849716

:P 7 minute slideshow put up on truveo, not seen this before, looks good

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