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A tribute to Dawn Brancheau was killed by a Killer Whale

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A tribute to Dawn Brancheau was killed by a Killer Whale

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The whale and I.

One day we made our joy the whale and I, One day long past in memory now. We touched our lives and played our game so beautiful that nether of us shall ever forget it.
Then in that forgotten time, we showed the world the way it could have been for man and beast. By our understanding, we blended our love in one single mind, tempered with our love in each other, always trusting, all ways with respect, giving and forgiving.
We had joy, the whale and I, and if anyone, just for one brief moment had cared to look, heard our ways, listened to our unspoken words of action, it would have shook there faith in reason, they would have glimpsed the two grate minds of earth, man and Orca, both as one, each moving to a standard of grace unseen, but none could see and none ever listed to that magnificent song that we sung so very well together. One day long past in memory now.

Terence Michele Bobrowicz. 1979.

Dedicated to Fraya (Winnie) Orca Whale of Windsor Safari Park. The words here written describe how it feels to love when you are an animal trainer.


The long wait over you collect your tickets, two a funny pink and one for the child is blue,
You shuffle your wife and child along, the attendant calls out “keep moving, keep moving,” and he points to you,
Your wife grabs the hand of your child and say’s “come on, come on or we’ll miss the show”,
You look at her hard, she responds in temper; in defiance you pretend she’s not there and walk real slow,

Ahead of you, mother and child find seats “this should be a good place, no people in the way,”
Unwilling for her you walk a little faster, the wife keeps nagging about “the price we’ve had to pay,”
Tantrums from your child, “won'a see the Lions”, with tolerance you explain, “this is how mummy had it planned “,
To no avail, she bowls out loud, people look, and with a new approach, you use the back of your hand.

The dolphins play around before the show starts every one laughs to see them larking around, jumping, having fun,
“What an easy job this must be, a privet pool, I bet these guys get a packet, nice job in the sun.”
The trainer walks out, the excitement all around grows, full of fish he places his bucket down, shining stainless steel,
Two girls in front of you wonder, “If he’s married,” you catch their word’s especially “sex appeal.”

At his command the dolphins come to heel, he gives a signal and they’re off, everyone “ooh’s” and “aar’s” to their splashes,
They jump through hoops at command of his hand, and you laugh as they parade around in giant sunglasses,
You catch sight of your child, as she cuff’s her nose; you look at your wife and her windblown scraggy hair,
Then you gaze at the trainer on the stage, the sun beats down, and you wish "that were you over there".

Then at the trainers command the dolphins are gone and the Killer Whale slides out into the pool,
Oh, "to be over there with those guys", instead of just sitting here un-noticed like a working class fool,
The trainer strips down to his trunks, one girl in front say’s “look at the hairs on his lovely bronzed chest,”
They giggle and laugh the way girls do, and the other girl says, “Ooh yes, and look at the rest.”

The man on stage makes ready to swim, and some of the ladies grab the arms of their men,
But on the stage there’s something amiss, the man stops, and looks at the whale, he shrug’s and still dives in,
The whale picks him up upon his back and the trainer waves to his public with pride,
But the whale makes a turn, a flick, and a splash, and the trainers down by his side.

You stand there in disbelief, shaken, sweating, the water turns from blue to blood red.
And you think for a moment, “if that where I”, and at last you are glad that you are you instead,
So before you wish on an other man’s glory, make sure first, you know all of the story,
You own self-pity brings out trouble and strife, while some men pay for mistakes by giving their life.

Terence Michele Bobrowicz. 1977.

Written at Windsor Safari Park 1976.

Countless centuries ago man was moved aside from the rest of the wondrous creatures of this world, and with grace he was given reason so that he might tend this fascinating never ending world of life, most men now have forgotten this simple but essential task, thankfully though, a few, just a few, have not. This poem is dedicated to animal keeper and nature lovers everywhere.

Soldiers of nature

They fight and drink and work this breed,
To death and danger’s, pay no heed,
With pride, each man he stands in line,
The un-named hero’s of our time.

There quest to see the eagle’s fly,
In it’s kingdom high of sky,
To see the lion walking free,
To love the whale and let it be.

They ease the fall of Mother Nature,
And make her glory even grater,
The sleepless nights, the endless day’s,
To there kind none sing their praise.

They carry scars, some deep and roar,
Some give their lives by Tiger’s paw,
Their tears of blood, they give with pride,
Their head’s held high on nature’s side.

The broken heart’s on seeing death,
The joy of helping life’s first breath,
Aching arms at end of day,
Reward of heart their only pay.

Strength of spirit guides them, every one.
Unending labour never done,
To livening glory, they make a stand,
To keep the earth as nature planed.

They give their loves to livening kind,
These unnamed hero’s of out time,
They fight and drink and work this breed,
To death and danger, pay no heed,

Terence Michele Bobrowicz. 1977.

First published by Arrival Press. June 1996. Written after the death by tiger of Simon Compton Hall, Animal Keeper, Windsor Safari Park, and 1975 – 1979.

Dedicated to Dawn Brancheau was killed by a Killer Whale in Florida. Les't we forget.
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Re: A tribute to Dawn Brancheau was killed by a Killer Whale

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Image Dawn Brancheau, a trainer at SeaWorld
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Re: A tribute to Dawn Brancheau was killed by a Killer Whale

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Thanks for the picture tribute old luv, I never knew Dawn, she started training after I left the trade. But it's all ways sad when one of our own go's down. I remember my feelings when SID and COMP got killed. I feel sad for the guys at Sea World, some of us know how they feel. They did a tribute show for Dawn on re-opening, its on Utube, and got a standing ovation. Condolences to her family and friends.

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