frank bruno

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frank bruno

Post: # 180Post barbelman
Sat Oct 25, 2003 10:51 pm

does anyone remember when frank opened the african boat ride, he wasnt the brightest of people then like.
i think they put too much pressure on him and he just couldnt handle any of it.
they turned him into something he wasnt and never ever would be.

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Post: # 188Post falkor
Wed Oct 29, 2003 11:12 am

Frank Bruno was sectioned last month

Meaning he is probably suffering from mental illness and that is pretty depressing for anybody, no matter what you have to put up with, nothing compares to that does it?

I do remember that African Boat ride though

Imagetop boat ride for definite, I went on it a few times with my kids, great set up that, Frank Bruno should have gone on it, I think he would have enjoyed it

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Post: # 264Post staffbarshaz
Wed Nov 19, 2003 10:14 pm

yes i remember frank bruno being there....he watched the falkonery display.....
i also remember anita dobson and brian may .....and i gave them change for the arcade ....wooooo 8)

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