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Killimanjaro Toboggon ride

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Killimanjaro Toboggon ride

Post by Giles »

I went on this ride, with my Great Grandfather (RIP) when I was about 10 years of age. I wanted to go faster, but there were people in front of me. I remember the ride being situated on a fairly steep and large sloap, and you had to queue at the top. I don't remember anything about the zoo, only this ride, which obviously had a great impact on me. Anyway, I have a few questions for you guys!

1) Did this ride close with the Park in 1992? Or did it still exist as part of Legoland? I really can't imagine it being demolished...

2) Most importantly, does anyone have any photographs of this ride??

Any help would be much appreciated!

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Post by falkor »

1) yes the ride closed with the park in 1992 :cry: yes it was demolished :x it is nowhere to be found at Legoland. The only thing that Legoland held onto from WSFP was the train service that started at the top near Sea World that went down the hill past the rhinos

THAT train line is still at Legoland now

2) >> click here for photo << but allow 2 minutes to load in !! :wink: ... /id13.html

Giles, try the above for more info
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Re: Killimanjaro Toboggon ride

Post by gez »

i remember this being built. lost count of the times they cut through electric cables and i had to repair them.
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