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new History 1971 - 1992 by Phill Pritchard

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new History 1971 - 1992 by Phill Pritchard

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By the 1990s, attractions at the park included:
• The African Queen Riverboat Ride – A heavily themed boat ride.
• Mumbo Jumbo Elephant Ride – A Dumbo the Flying Elephant type ride.
• Safari Jeep Ride – A small tracked ride on which young children could ‘drive’ their own Jeeps.
• Black Mamba Snake Slide – This was a double helter skelter style tube slide, where you could choose to ride either the green & yellow or black & white snakes that entwined the same tower.
• Limpopo Crocodiles Ride
• Swamp Devil Octopus Ride
• Turtle Ride
• Kilimanjaro Toboggan Ride
• Small motorised bikes and carts for younger children
• A Shooting Gallery
• Elephant Gardens (a £1 million pound new elephant enclosure with the ‘Treetops’ walkway viewing platform).
• New for Spring 1990 were the Safari Roadtrains – Which allowed guests to experience the Safari Park section without having to take their own cars through.
• Seaworld Show – Featuring performances from the park’s Sealions, Dolphins and Britain’s only Killer Whale.
• The African Tiki Show – An animatronic children’s show.
• Birds of Prey Show
• The Arabian Knights Extravaganza Show
• Parrot Island Show
• African Arts Theatre
• Adventureland – An outdoor adventure playground
• Children’s petting zoo

the whole article is great BUT if you're rushed just zip to the bottom for an impressive dozen new photos (1990s)
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