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Could I have seen the lions cubs?

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Could I have seen the lions cubs?

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Hello All

I was hoping that someone might be able to help solve a years old family argument! I remember vividly being taken through a side entrance when I was probably about 5 years old late 70's by a game keeper to see 3 lion cubs. I wasn't allowed to touch them but was allowed to look at them in their pen that was not open to the public.

Unfortunatly my mum has a long history of story telling and my family tease me about this although I have the firm memory.

Could it have been possible that I was alowed to see some lion cubs??

Thank you
tez bobrowicz

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Re: Could I have seen the lions cubs?

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Yes. It was common policy among the Keepers to encourage children to integrate as much as possible with our animals where safe to do so. It is highly likely that you did see the cubs, if the circumstances where right to do so.
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