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Windsor Safari Park closes it's gates THE CLOSE DOWN

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Windsor Safari Park closes it's gates THE CLOSE DOWN

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In the early 1990s Themes International suffered serious financial problems, specifically for Windsor Safari Park; traditional sources of funding had ceased and visitor numbers proved somewhat cool. The situation was exacerbated by the building of an expensive new Egyptian-themed entrance courtyard and similarly themed market streets.

The park entered receivership in January 1992 and closed shortly afterwards, the expensive new developments left largely unused. The park was purchased soon afterwards by the Lego Group
Independent Version

NICHOLAS SCHOON, Environment Correspondent Monday, 26 October 1992 ... 59646.html
WINDSOR Safari Park closed yesterday with its 600 animals and 140 staff facing an unknown future.

If no new owner can be found to take on the park as a going concern then the animals will have to be dispersed to zoos in Britain and around the world - a difficult task which could take a year.

Chris Barlow, of receivers Cork Gully, who has been in charge of the park since January, said: 'It is no part of our strategy now or in the future to destroy animals.

'It is possible that very, very old or seriously ill animals, under veterinary advice, may have to be the subject of euthanasia.'

The park had been due to close next Sunday, but this was brought forward to yesterday after the receivers learnt that a Sunday newspaper was planning to announce the closure and report that it could become Britain's first Legoland - without any animals.
so there are the two versions

The Independent is slightly more accurate, but was any site member there on the day? that week even?
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Re: Windsor Safari Park closes it's gates THE CLOSE DOWN

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I was there throughout the process until the Lions were shipped off up north. I went with them. Park closed Oct 92 and i finally went in Feb 93. Rest of park followed and by Dec 93 pretty much everything was gone.
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