Notice Regarding Porn on this site

This is for general chat on any WSFP issue. Have you got a QUESTION to pose for other WSFP members? Did you construct a ride at WSFP? Did you work there and you can tell a funny story? Anything other than the straight visitor entries can go here.

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Notice Regarding Porn on this site

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Wed Feb 03, 2010 1:50 pm

The moderators apologise for any offence or inconvenience caused by the the illicit posting of any offencive topics that have been recently posted on this site. We at this Royal Windsor Safari Park Site try at all time to maintain a family oriented site, but unfortunately we (as with all web site's) do come under attack from time to time and as soon as we are aware of any problems (Usual within 24 hours) we take the appropriate action. Once again we apologise for any offence caused. Tez Bobrowicz. Moderator.

Please note.
Unfortunately some older posts may have been deleted in the process of deleting the unwanted posts. Once again apologies