Fruit and veg shop gets a surprise visitor

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Fruit and veg shop gets a surprise visitor

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Wed May 25, 2011 5:41 pm

By Daily Mail. Last updated at 8:48 PM on 24th May 2011
Staff at a fruit and vegetable store were forced to eject a particularly unruly visitor - after opening their store room and discovering a deer.

The bewildered animal had crept into Stokes Fruit in Dawlish, Devon after becoming separated from its herd.

The deer was heard 'thrashing around' in the grocer's store room after searching for food and finding itself trapped.

Staff at the store managed to calm the young startled animal down before alerting the RSPCA.

Assistant manager Hayley Parton, 26, said: 'All of a sudden we heard something thrashing around in the back.

'I thought it was a dog but it seemed bigger and more boisterous.

'That's when I realised it was a young deer. He was beautiful but very frightened.
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