Anger Grows Over Forest Sell-Off Plans

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Anger Grows Over Forest Sell-Off Plans

Post by falkor » Thu Jan 27, 2011 10:28 am

Plans to sell off swathes of England's publicly-owned forests will be announced later despite widespread opposition from environmental campaigners.
Ministers are due outline proposals that will allow them to dispose of land managed by the Forestry Commission.

Some 15% of the forest estate, worth an estimated £100m, is already being sold.

The latest consultation could lead to the sale of the remaining 85% owned by the Commission, totalling 2,500 sq km.

Forests in Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland are not affected!

The move has angered many in England who fear its woodlands will come under threat from developers or be cut down for timber.

There are also concerns that public access to the forests will be affected.

High profile figures including Annie Lennox and Dame Judi Dench have spoken against the move, saying it would be "misjudged and short-sighted".

The National Trust says unless the sales are sensitive to the forests' cultural and conservation value, they should remain in public care.