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Post: # 1581Post falkor
Mon Dec 17, 2007 12:41 pm

my TOP TEN fave YOU TUBE vids of 2007
Image Let's Paint, Exercise
and Cook Pancakes! Can you do delicious pancakes with pineapple slices while painting and 3.5 mph brisk walking?? AND take calls at the same time?? the use of a paintbrush to open the pancake oil bottle concerns me though 1

Image Let's Paint Fake De Niro TV.... it says fake De Niro but I reckon it's him alright, now I gotta see this Stardust Movie, where's it at?? "A bunch of fairycrap" says De Nero, wow that guy is at the edge for sure 2

Image Let's Paint,Exercise, Cook,&Play Chess TV! ... John Kilduff walking at 3.5 mph and playing chess with Bernard and painting a masterpiece viz Eddie Fischer and taking calls and cooking an egg sandwich LIVE WOW 3

Image Let's Paint,Exercise and Eat Pie-Live #1 John Kilduff up close multi tasking - ring that number and talk to the guy, he IS the man! 4
Let's Paint TV Demo ... a quick 3 minute clip of his best shows, I didn't like what he did with that egg sandwich though, he got the sardines to a tee though 5
Image Let's Paint
Fidel Castro! .... organised with assistance of the US State Department straight from Hospital - Castro skipped the UN to attend this live edition of Let's Paint Exercise and Blended Drinks TV!
"Fidel is looking hale and hearty."
"i thought it might be a joke or somethin but look on google im pretty sure thats him" 6
Image Let's get frustrated at the callers TV ... John Kilduff has some negative people to talk to and the patience of a Saint 7
Image Let's Paint the Real Fake De Niro TV ... too much garlic way too much garlic but De Niro is really on form in this episode 8

Image Let's Paint,Exercise, Cook,&Play Chess TV ... check out that painting, that is one of John's best to date 9
Image Let's Exercise and Paint a Supermodel ... Portrait Painting John Kilduff style - this guy is amazing and where did he get that suit?? He is painting the supermodel and taking calls and boy those calls are from some civlised people aren't they? 10

my TOP TEN fave YOU TUBE vids of 2007
180s cartoons, starts with HE MAN one of the best!!
next She-Ra flippin heck it just gets better and better, love this compilation!!Image legend 80s
2check out Dido in this wicked Letterman show
Image Dido singing
3Brent Simon - The Brentumentary - includes all his hits, I love it as we enter the Simon residence!!Image Brent Simon - The Brentumentary
4just cut straight to the quick, here's his number 1!!
Image The Space Camp Song!
5another blockbuster hit from Brent Simon
Image The Bittorrent Song
It's his dog, it don't have long to live and it's suffering a lot
Image Assistance Call
7Polish Pursuit, heeeey check out the motoring down the footway, forget cycling on the footpath COP THIS LOT!!
Image Polish Pursuit
8 I would like to see his eggie mixture and applaud his efforts to make sure people on the high st get their books back on time
Image Lesland PCSO
9 great pit maneouvre and crisis response team just look at that crisis response team YIKES!!!!
Image Fox TV covers
interstate chase
Image Highways agency patrol officer:update
love these YOUTUBE vids

the first TOP TEN is all vids from the TimeWarner cable TV firm transmitting to West Los Angeles, West Hollywood, Beverly Hills and Santa Monica - it's the crucial John Kilduff and his whacky TV show - I have half a mind to buy the DVDs and play these over Christmas - on half a bottle of wine and some pancakes they are such a joy

the second TOP TEN is my all time favourites from 2007

NOW DO YOURS!!!!!! :twisted:

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Post: # 1602Post BRIGHTON121
Sun Dec 23, 2007 12:25 am

Sorry I cannot show a picture, I have't worked it out, but it will keep you thinking!!!!

I wish I could dance like this....

No disrespect, I just find this funny.

I dance like this!!!

I have not one light out side, I cannot let my wife see this!!! ... re=related#

Funny, and true!!!!!!!!!

Only five, sorry.

Lee, enjoy..

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Re: any YOUTUBE? your YOUTUBE!!

Post: # 1614Post BRIGHTON121
Sat Dec 29, 2007 5:26 pm

Going to add one more YOUTUBE!! ... re=related#

That photo be my fighting days!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! A few years ago now!
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