my life has gone to the dogs

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my life has gone to the dogs

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Fri Aug 11, 2006 5:52 pm

Image My life has gone to the dogs

:r 10th August 2006

She's sacrificed her 13-bed manor house, her fiance and her savings...all to track down kidnapped dogs. So is Jayne a saint or barking mad? :r

Today, Jane Hayes lives alone four miles from Hermiston in a rented three-bedroom bungalow. She is down to her last £4,000 and is considering selling her last antique Chesterfield sofa to make ends meet.

Yet, just four weeks ago, she ran a successful business, lived with her devoted and wealthy boyfriend and, all in all, had a lifestyle to envy.

Jayne’s abrupt descent into singledom and poverty is an extraordinary tale of one woman’s devotion to that most British of pastimes: being a dog lover.

:r Single-handedly, she set up a website to reunite missing pets with their owners. She also runs a helpline which she mans all day every day for frantic dog owners who have lost their beloved pets.

And at a time when dog-napping has become a widespread crime, Jayne’s website - - is providing an increasingly vital service.

It receives four million hits a month and has 100 lost or stolen dogs added to its database every week.

‘It’s my life,’ Jayne says simply, sitting surrounded by Missing Dog posters and clutching her beloved miniature French bulldog, Hermy.

‘I’ve got 2,300 people registered with me who are looking for their dogs. The RSPCA uses the website, Battersea Dogs Home uses it. I can’t abandon the people who rely on me.

‘I know from first-hand experience just how devastating losing your dog can be. And with dog theft absolutely rife in this country, I’m their only hope. How could I walk away from that responsibility?’

But Jayne’s mission has cost her, quite literally, everything. She has lost her home; her share in the events business she used to run with her partner Tim Bristow, 46; and last but not least, Tim himself.

He has ended their 11-year relationship, saying her ‘obsession’ with finding lost or stolen dogs had taken over their lives.

But for all that she has sacrificed, Jayne is unrepentant. ‘I would do it all again,’ she says. ‘I’m devastated to lose the home I loved, and, yes, Tim and I would still be together if it wasn’t for the website, I know that. I’ve lost the man I loved and, to be honest, still love.

‘I’ve cried into my pillow so many nights, but when it came to the crunch, I just had to do what I believed was right.

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