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all we need now is a ......

Posted: Tue Oct 11, 2005 3:08 pm
by falkor
1. yellowstone park, a massive volcano eruption | would devestate 80% of America immediately and the rest of the world soon after

2. a bird flu pandemic | this would wipe out at least 5 million of the population in the UK alone

3. an asteriod/ Comet collision with Earth | last time wiped out the dinosaurs, humans would get the same fate

4. WORLD WAR III | could easily involve nuclear/ biological/ warfare

5. an OIL/GAS crisis | what happens when all the oil and gas resources in the world run out?

6. Waterworld | sea levels rise by such huge amounts that the world land mass shrinks to 5%

7. Independence Day | just like in the film - intelligent, but hostile lifeforms descend to earth from another solar system

8. a SARS virus outbreak | a prolific and unstoppable virus sweeps across the globe

9. some OTHER WORLD disaster not listed above will probably happen in our life time

10 NONE OF ABOVE | all wholly unlikely to ever happen in our life time