Now anyone can 'write' a book. First, find some words…

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Now anyone can 'write' a book. First, find some words…

Post: # 2639Post falkor
Tue Jun 28, 2011 8:43 pm

The Kindle has opened up publishing to the masses

You know what they say: everyone has a novel inside them. Until recently, that claim was neither here nor there, because even if it was true, there was generally no way of getting said magnum opus published. So the dreams of millions of wannabe novelists remained sadly unfulfilled.

But then along came Amazon with its Kindle e-reader and suddenly all that changed. For it turned out that the Kindle was not just a gadget, it was also a publishing platform. Not only that, it was a platform backed by the world's biggest online retailer. And given that ebooks do not involve the messy and expensive business of squeezing vegetable dyes on to processed wood-pulp, the costs of publishing them is negligible.

So!!! Have you got a kindle? and are you writing a book? full story > ... h-naughton