Our Top Ten Movies

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Our Top Ten Movies

Post: # 1183Post BRIGHTON121
Tue Jul 25, 2006 12:42 am

THE PROFESSIONAL (in England titled LEON.)



CHATTAHOOCHEE ( Good Gary Oldman movie, a must see )



MR HOLLAND'S OPUS (Rose my wife insisted on this one being included,she has a point)



THE ABYSS (Good under water shot when he has to get his ex-wife from the submersible to the mother ship)

I love these movies :D Anyone have a comment on the list :?: Maybe someone knows of a movie must watch :?:

See Ya!

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Prue Halliwell
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Post: # 1249Post Prue Halliwell
Sat Sep 16, 2006 7:06 pm

8) I've got A LOT of favourite films and I've been on a video mission this year to try and obtain as many of my all time fave films on video as I don't like DVD's (haven't quite got the hang of them yet) and videos are so cheap now. I have spent a small fortune this year buying videos..& some DVD's, from ebay (the postage bumps the price up a bit on there)..and I've got quite a few from charity shops very cheaply.
I've just bought three movies while on my holiday in Weymouth from a charity shop. Only 10 best movies?? Now that's a difficult choice from my ever expanding collection.

1. The Final Countdown...great sci-fi time travel film set aboard a US Air Carrier Ship that goes back in time to the second world war. Had to buy this in DVD format though as I bought it online from Amazon.com

2. Wolfen....atmospheric werewolf tale starring Albert Finney set in New York on a huge derelict area of the city.

3. True Grit....John wayne classic with that great theme tune of the same name sung by Glen Campbell.

4. Caddyshack....hilarious parody of a posh golf club with a anthropomorphic Gopher aided by the brilliant Bill Murray who almost manage to bring this club to its knees.

5. TIM...Mel Gibson at his best in the days when Aussie offbeat movies ruled. He plays the part of a young retarded man who falls in love with an older woman...and why the heck not eh!

6. Lost Horizon....wonderful 1930's black and white..just bought this in DVD format from ebay ....a pure escapism movie.

7. SPLASH...Tom Hanks and a MERMAID called Madison...lovely pure fantasy

8. Cat People ...you're probably all familiar with this one.

9. MELODY aka SWALK starring my childhood teen idol the late Jack Wild. A wonderful nostalgic look at school life and love as a child of the 70's in London. A real trip down memory lane for me.

10. Funny Girl....Barbra Streisand ......I need say no more.

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Prue Halliwell
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Post: # 1253Post Prue Halliwell
Sat Sep 16, 2006 7:42 pm

Second lot of my top 10 movies that I've now got on video tapes...ok this will make my total 20 but who's counting!

1. Mysterious Island made in 1962 starring Michael Craig a Jules Verne Classic sci fi involving a hot air balloon, a mysterious island and Captain Nemo played by herbert Lom.

2. The Time Machine another great 60's time travel classic starring the hunky Rod Taylor. HG Wells tale.

2. Spiderman....fantastic special effects.

3. JAWS....ah ahhhhh.......

4. What About Bob....Bill Murray....hilarious

5. One Flew Over The Cuckoos Nest....same subject matter as above but a rather more sombre take on it and Jack Nicholson's finest movie moment I think.

6. Finding Nemo..wonderful animation

7. Laura...B/W classic ...famous theme song as well as a film.

8. BIG Tom Hanks excellent ...

9. The Green Mile...another great and also sensitive role for Tom Hanks.

10. Cat Woman Halle Berry as the comic strip lady with claws. She was was very fit in this film and despite the poor reviews I enjoyed it..so there!! :D

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Post: # 1260Post Berni
Mon Sep 18, 2006 6:34 am

My favourite movies
(not in any particular order)

1. Little Women (the original one with June Allyson and Liz Taylor)
2. 5th Element
3. Kind Hearts and Coronets
4. The Thin Man
5. The Admirable Crighton
6. Pride and Predudice (the one with Keira Knightly)
7. Green for Danger
8. Scarlet Pimpernel (any one of the dozens which have been made)
9. Beaches
10. Ghost.

Yes I know mostly chick flicks or very old black and white ones - but thats me weird..............
Berni - left WSP in 1980 ish

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