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update LATEST page record

Posted: Fri Apr 22, 2011 5:14 pm
by falkor
we have a problem on this site :(

it is one shared by many other "static" sites, but we need help from members to solve it

someone who comes to the site for the first time, probably enjoys seeing a lot of content that they have never seen before :r

however, after a few visits - they may feel they've seen it all now, :19 what's the point of coming back?




please HELP (by replying on this topic) with requests to update the page with NEW SUCH INFO

Re: update LATEST page record

Posted: Sat Apr 23, 2011 9:53 am
by Cadders
Understand Falkor - you do a great job and the RWSP was a part of growing up for a lot of us. Maybe a wee update from me in New Zealand might be of interest? I am currently fighting the battle to return Craig Busch, The Lionman, back to his park. He has been the victim of an incredible slur campaign with the help of Government Ministries (MAF and Dept of Labour), the press due to one of his antagonists, a media guru, who is trying to gain control of his park having (shall we say) forgotten to pay him $$million+ on royalties and spin offs. Some don't like his style (many didn't like Stevo Irwin, but he was a great bloke and did more for conservation than some of these stuffy bloody zoos) but Craig has a following and a role to play. I hate injustice and that is what has happened to him and, when the battle is won, the Park, Zion Wildlife Gardens, will be the same sort of place as Windsor: real animal people, real animals, making a real difference and having a real load of fun doing it! Anyway, that's my news - a long bloody struggle ahead but will win through!
The sort of spirit that keeps me fighting for this sort of thing I think is the same sort of spirit that was with us all; in the reserves, the stable blocks, and the caravans if you got real lucky!
I have to earn a living while I do this so have my own website - - drop by sometime and say "Hi!"
Raising a crappy but welcome Kiwi Beer to the Gold Mine and saying, "Cheers!" This is Caddy signing off for now.

Re: update LATEST page record

Posted: Sat Apr 23, 2011 6:14 pm
by Sas
Hey Cadders you have my full support and respect on this one mate he was doing an Awesome job it would be good if you got him to post somthing on here
Best regards