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administrator's bulletuns

Posted: Sun Feb 01, 2009 10:54 am
by falkor
as you may know - sadly :( we left phpBB2 behind round about 12 months ago now

Q why couldn't we carry on with phpBB2?

A we could have done, many phpBB2 sites are still up and around

Q so why did we go to phpBB3?

A it's the next version up! it's more efficient, it uses cache memory and many innovative techniques to achieve the operation and additional features that we like

Q for instance?

A for instance administrators have been handed a literal GOLDMINE in new tools and resources for handling spammers - finding members - dealing with members and a whole lot more

Q for instance?

A for instance there is now a moderators control panel - this did not exist in phpBB2

I won't bore you with anymore but basically phpBB3 is the new generation, it is HUGE for site supervisors (big plus for admin staff) and has a massive amount to offer users too


click here to see the TEMPLATE OF THE MONTH
Memory like water wrote:yes..... but why?

Call me an old stick in the mud, but I see a template as a means to an end. Haven't we been through an exploration of the available templates not long since?

Have I missed the point (sorry!)
Q why bother?

A a lot of effort has been put in to bringing members a CHOICE of different styles to use when visiting or participating in the site - there's no point in leaving all these templates in a dusty pile getting no attention

please do have a look at the "TEMPLATE OF THE MONTH" the current one is "fae_forest"

Do you use the BOOKMARK TOPICS feature?

with the bookmarks feature you can flag any topic as "YOUR FAVOURITE"

this is a great phpBB3 feature, very useful and basically provides you with your own personal folder of YOUR FAVOURITE THREADS

how good is that?

okay, enough from me - please help the site by leaving some photocopies of our site STICKERS for your mates to see :4

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Re: administrator's bulletuns

Posted: Sun Mar 01, 2009 8:00 am
by falkor
hello? :P

anybody interested?
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