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TOPICFAQTheme from the thread
WHERE are all the topics? 1 just click on "topics" ! you'll see em
where's our gallery? 2 just click on "gallery?" you'll find it
where are all our videos? 3 just click on "videos?" and check em out ADD YOURS!!
how did Windsor Safari Park start? 4 just click on "start?" and you'll see
I fancy doing a quick quiz! 5 well if you were around mid 70s then click "quick quiz!"
the site's crashed! now what? 6 check out our BACK UP SITE
I want to upload a photo 7 well Dahai tells you how
what's the BEST video from Windsor Safari Park? 8 check out Go Wild at Windsor filmed in 1988
there's a BOOK on Windsor Safari Park isn't there? 9 Yes there is - see if Amazon can get it for you right now!
I have got loads of old photos, where can I chat about them? 10 click on "chat about them?" :-)
can I upload my photos using photobucket? 11 yes you can, click on "photobucket?"
just how and why did Windsor Safari Park fold? 12 read the full low down
so where's the party? I want in! 13 you want in! click "the party?" you're in !!
TOPICFAQTheme from the thread
is there a contact page? I want to contact you 14 yeah we have email addresses, have a read
I want to introduce myself 15 heeeey try the PROFILES thread, quick and easy
are there any Windsor Safari items on e-bay? 16 there sure are, have a read of Jovana's thread
do you have tons of Windsor Safari photos? 17 if so LET US KNOW on Jonofun's thread
falkor did you go back after Windsor Safari closed? 18 Yes I did in 2003, I was in tears let me tell you
what is the TOP TEN of Windsor Safari? 19 well the TOP TEN areas? did you vote?
what about Sea World? 20 too true, Sea World was in a World of it's own, read about it here
I want to write an article for the site 21 SURE!! reply to the articles page or email me (see above)
is there a chat room onboard here? 22 there sure is, have a read (requires JAVA)
does this place have site rules? 23 yeah, and you signed em when you joined!
I want to help the site 24 okay - print out our stickers then!! (or make us some new ones!!)
TOPICFAQTheme from the thread
I keep getting logged out 25 yeah - so do NOT go the url IT WILL LOG YOU OUT
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