animal tails

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animal tails

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Fri Jul 16, 2004 3:06 pm


hehe John Child may need some help with scripting, what do you think? Can you think of any lines?

Here's a couple from me that I am sending John :twisted: CAN YOU think up a couple?? :?:

Frame 1 ........ Baboons spot a lone car that has stalled half way through the baboon pen
Frame 2 ....... Baboons leap onto the roof of the car - one grabs the windscreen wiper
Frame 3 ...... Driver shouts out of the window ..... "Okay take the wipers, just leave the tax disc this time!"

L A M E :oops: okay - can you do better!!

Frame 1 ...... SIGN at start of Tigers pen "TIGERS BITE TYRES"

Frame 2 .... Car driving through Tigers pen

Frame 3 ..... 2 Tigers walking along with tyres over their heads, car behind driving on bare wheels

E V E N ... M O R E ... L A M E
well c'mon !! John Child has said very kindly that he will do us a few more cartoons, let's get some inspiration going here!! :mrgreen: