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how to stop emails from this site [UNSUBSCRIBE]

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how to stop emails from this site [UNSUBSCRIBE]

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if you receive emails from this site providing information that you do not want to receive, there IS a way of stopping all mass emails

in fact you can also stop all emails from other users too if you wish

click on U C P or "user control panel"

select "board preferences"

you will then see the following options
  • Users can contact me by e-mail: Yes No
  • Administrators can e-mail me information: Yes No
  • Allow users to send you private messages: Yes No
  • Hide my online status: Yes No
  • Notify me on new private messages: Yes No
to prevent Administrators emailing you, simply set the second option to NO - this will halt all mass emails from the site!

to prevent any user emailing you, simply set the first option to NO - this will halt all emails from other members of the site!

ON THE OTHER HAND if you have received no emails from the site and wish to, then check your settings in "Board Preferences" they may be set to "NO" :o
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