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dodgy still haunts me................

Posted: Wed Jul 04, 2007 10:48 pm
by gunners beeehotch
hey hey god i cant believe im on this forum!!!!!
all those yrs ago i was gunners little well i still have nightmares of dodgy driving up behind me while i was kipping in the lion reserve half drunk from the night before..........excellent. man this is surreal, was just thinkin of peoples names from the animal section the other night.... just saw a pic of clubby on the forum and remembered bullet head, malcolm, zippy, jez, gareth, chris, pete whitehead, sonia, ginger, gordon, stuart, stewart the tv star goon, and how can i forget big al!!!!! and a load more.......
weird man i remember colin blowing himself up. tony feinting during a wolf operation, aaaaaaah man too many memories. i saw the irish fella kevin when i was on site a few yrs ago he was delivering cement to the site i was on!!! apart from that aint seen a kipper....apart from steve the scouse maintenance guy in frimley about 10 yrs ago........sheeeeeeeesh. well im sure those who know me will know who i am...just in case you dont, im the plum who was so drunk new yrs day that the entire lion house roaring didnt wake me up. so clubby hosed me........yeah baby ill let yall guess........look forward tp catchin up soon. j


Posted: Fri Jul 13, 2007 6:09 pm
by stuart thomas
Cast your mind back J, a hungover Sunday morning (there were a few I know), as punishment for being under the weather Clubby told you to cut up a freshly delivered deer carcase (Winkfield Raod was always a bitch!!).
The image of that day I will always have is you swearing like a trooper, walking toward the canvas covered carcas now replaced by my goodself!
I peered through the holes in the sheet to see you f-ing and blinding whilst swinging a bloody great meat hook thinking to myself, "this could all go horribly wrong!!
As you bent over and lifted the canvas sheet I lept up and yel all sort of profanities at you, your face was one of sheer horror! Hee Hee.
Oh the fun we had running around the fallen tree in the bear reserve, me trying to run whilst laughing my head off and you chasing me with the meat hook. I'm sure that Volvo of yours went home with a wet drivers seat!!!
Hee Hee
Stu (not the balding t.v. star)
I strictly do porno flicks!!

Posted: Sun Jul 15, 2007 9:34 am
by tiger1
Hey guys. I couldn't let this one go without a comment. I remember that event so well. That was so funny, although at one point i thought that meat hook was going somewhere where the sun dont shine!! I have never forgotten that. Just one of many many good days at WSP, although maybe J may not think so with a hangover!! Does anyone remember the time when Dodgy was having a bit of a thing about looking after the radio's after one got melted! over the heater in 3 gate hut, (thats another story!). Gunner decided to wind Dodgy up so he brought in an old tv remote control and stuck a stick to the top as an "Aerial". From a distance it looked just like the two way radios. Gunner instructed me to stand by the gate and tell him when Dodgy was close enough to see what he was doing. This i did and just as Dodgy was driving in through the gate Gunner pretended to talk into his "radio" and get frustrated with it. As Dodgy parked his truck he could see Gunner getting annoyed with the RT and then Gunner shouted "F**king radios never work properly" then smashed it on the ground and stamp on it for good measure. Dodgy, well, he went ballistic!!! He ranted at Gunner calling him everything under the sun shouting "Do you know how much those cost!!!" I at this point thought "oh my god, this has gone horribly wrong and Gunner is going to get sacked" Gunner in th mean time was as calm as you like and while Dodgy was going mad Gunner calmly bent down, picked up the remote control, showed it to Dodgy and said "I cant get BBC 2!!" I couldn't stop laughing, and Dodgy, thankfully, saw the funny side and said "Its a wonder i dont get stomach ulcers with you bunch of idiots" I guess you had to be there, i was, and it was one of the funniest things i have ever seen, and those that know Gunner and Dodgy will empathise i'm sure. So many memories, so much fun, so many friends. Damn you Themes!


Posted: Sun Jul 15, 2007 5:16 pm
by stuart thomas
Hee Hee, nice one Col,
Can you remember the birthday present you got from me off the lion house roof????


Posted: Tue Jul 17, 2007 5:58 pm
by tiger1
I have to confess i cannot remember. Unless it was a rather cold bucket of water! I seem to remember one of those. How about when Gunner hid my bag high up a tree in the Lion reserve!!??


Posted: Tue Jul 17, 2007 8:24 pm
by stuart thomas
I could be wrong but I seem to recall emptying the drain traps in the lion and tiger dens, chucking in a few extra bits of horse meat into the mix and allowing it all to ferment in the summer sun for the grand birthday dowsing after lock up that evening.
We all had our share of beastings I seem to remember!!!!
I can recall getting through one perticular day on 3 gate without getting covered in some form of slurry and felt quite releaved that the Gonz had bypassed my soaking. I climbed into the back of Gonz's rover with the gate guns and keys and thought "well I'm safe in here", it was at that point that London Zoo pulled open the back door and himself and Gonz absolutely drenched me in all kinds of unpleasentness!!!!
Ahhh, those were the days eh Col??

Posted: Wed Jul 18, 2007 10:17 pm
by falkor
London Zoo? I think I'm losing all sense of reality here 8) keep it going guys :twisted:

gunners, you still onboard?

Posted: Wed Jul 18, 2007 10:46 pm
by gunners beeehotch
haha, yeah baby......didnt get email notification on this thread.....mmmm.
yeah i remember the frikkin meathook morning. im surprised i didnt create a new universe in me undercrackers such was the drunken fear that overcame me.......good job id skipped the curry the night before. man gonzo used to beat me like a two bit whore......the soakings and mass stupidity was like a frikkin python movie man....i got some wicked memoirs of that place, prob is that normal people just dont believe em......i loved dousing ben as often as i was trying to remember some of the seasonal nerds dodgeman served 3 gate up with......remember angus? the mad scot....the old bird from swindon, the old duffer cant remember his name who used to whack off in bear gate hut.....captain wassis name the geezer with the beard who indicated to go round trees during round up? richard dodgy had a sense of humour. hey remember when i lobbed a lump of dirt up and it went through the blacktop window and i tried to blag ya clubs?????? and the time bullethead feinted during the wolf vasectomy? mt remember when doug caught us with the tiger lock gates open? and the time u woke me up on the lock gate at close up cos all the cars were honkin....hahahahahahahahahah fekkin what happened to big al, is bullethead still molesting bears and what about guy fawkes northcott the amazing human bomb???? still into self destruction col??? oh and did dangerous dominic go to the congo with a pen knife and survival kit...........jeeeeeeeeeeeesus that was a fekkin nutty time dudes i wonder if ben the reversing into a ditch whilst asleep and escorting the feedwagon marsh is still with us................hit me back boys my email addy should be on here would be good to catch up one day.....

"andrea boardman likes dirty talk"

Posted: Wed Jul 18, 2007 10:54 pm
by gunners beeehotch
oh yeah forgot to say, i have me on disney club on vid, just mailed falkor cos he said he may be able to help gettin it up on the forum....also found a go wild at windsor vhs tape by kodak.....wanna get that up too. talkin of gettin things up..................night night!!!!!!!!!!!! :wink:


Posted: Thu Jul 19, 2007 6:04 pm
by tiger1
You have an amazing memory dude!!! As i was reading on it was all flooding back to me. I actually started laughing out loud!!! Big Al, if you remember, went to West Mids Safari Park, with me, to look after the Lions. He left after about 3 years to work for a catologue company picking and stacking loads for deliveries. MT, i do remember now. That stunk!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Cheers, Do i still owe you for that?? J, i also remember the mud window incident, i seem to remember the event continuing afterwards you buggers!! How about when bullethead dropped his RT in a water trough and put it on the heater in 3 gate hut to dry out. He forgot it was there and by the time i found it it had completely melted down over the grills, how there wasn't a fire i dont know!! I also remember having to tell Dodgy about it. Bullethead got a right rollocking, as did i! It was also one of the very rare times i got serious and bollocked someone!! How about the time when Ditchy Dollery pee'd on Ben's jumper. Ben told Pete Whitehead who bollocked me and i in turn flipped at ditchy, i have to say, i was quietly laughing about it tho!! Ben was a character wasn't he. I liked him, he was a nice bloke, out there with the fairies but a nice bloke. I also recall Dazzo, his eyebrows met in the middle!! and Big Ray from ex security. God guys, i'm gettin all sentimental. Note to Falkor. London zoo, "zooey", was the nckname for Malcolm, a guy we worked with on the Lion section. So called because he use to work at London zoo, clever eh!! If you hadn't guessed everyone who worked at WSP had a nickname. MT gave me mine, "Clubby". i have been known as that for 20 years now, it has followed me everywhere and i am pretty proud of it now, cheers MT. But can you remember the reason behind it guys?. I can.

Posted: Thu Jul 19, 2007 6:42 pm
by gunners beeehotch
clubby?????? i thought it was cos you had as much fat on you as a golf club!!!!!!!!
yr memory is awful was me who got blamed for pissin on dollerys jumper......the truth was i couldnt stand that tit, he was a devious little fek.......thing was i didnt piss on his jumper, it was left in the freezer room and the arm got melting fish for the bears on it which if u recall smelt like cats piss........he immediately stitched me and i got it off pete too...if i was gonna do anything id a pinned him down and dumped in his chops.......prick!!!
more soooooooooooooon


Posted: Fri Jul 20, 2007 5:39 pm
by tiger1
Right again dude. I have a shit memory eh! I remember that now you have said it! I got bollocked for it too, and i bollocked ditchy so we all got it in the end. I do remember him bein a bit of a pain! I wish Gonzo was on here to give his pennies worth, that would make good reading eh!


Posted: Fri Jul 20, 2007 6:42 pm
by stuart thomas
Hee Hee, its good readin all these posts as the days at the park come flooding back!!!
Loads of giggles had by all!!
Clubs can you remember the time a group of us were sat on 3 gate havin our dinner when Ben (known as Rocky back then, owing to the medicated rocking from side to side he did!!) was tellin us about all the times that he had tried to self harm???
On a serious note the guy had a few issues but man the stories he came up with were priceless!
Then there was the time that some nast devious person put a spider into someones tobacco tin!! Any ideas who????? Hee Hee


Posted: Sat Jul 21, 2007 7:46 pm
by tiger1
Hmmmm, i thought i had left that one in the past!!! I hate spiders with a passion and boy did you lot know it!!! Remember when Big Al brought the skin of a tarantula in, i didn't stop running till i reached Maidenhead i think!!!! Still all good memories even if it was traumatic at the time. Rocky was a good lad. I remember him telling us his girlfriend was about 45 years old although nobody ever met her. Didn't he drive a beat up morris minor? Suited him really. I also remember the time when we had the young Cheetah in quarantine in the first corner pen. She was only 6 months old and really nervous. She would spend a lot of time calling for her mother with a high pitched whistle. There was a load of us cleaning out the house when Ben walked in and looked in on the Cheetah who was whistling and he put his fingers in his mouth and gave her a full volume wolf whistle, closely followed by everyone else around him to shout out "BEN"!!!! He jumped and looked like he had shit himself. He said "What?" and we bollocked him for scaring the poor cat. He didn't think sometimes eh!

Posted: Sat Jul 21, 2007 9:28 pm
by gunners beeehotch
clubby you on ketamine?????? he drove an old mini metro...kinda
, on kerbs at high speed the boy was cerazy. i loved him to bits, he told us that day that he tried to hang himself but broke his ankle cos the rope was too long....dunno if i posted earlier the time he reversed into the ditch while doing the feed escort......i was in the cage and didnt know where to look as the train went by with hundreds of punters aboard.......he had his head at ground level and moaned he could smell the entire pride lost appetite and headed toward ben i suggested he close his window!!!!!!!! yeah i remember the wolf whistle too.......what about when gonzo took all morning polishing his little brown mini only for khan to piss like a fountain in the best comical timing just as gunner had lovingly finished the t-cut............wicked tiger piss straight over the entire bodywork.......hahaha who remembers when the woooolufs escaped into the safety fence and we had to shepherd them back to the went past jez with tetth bared and i almost saw an antipodean shit hisself.................nearly!!!!!

keep em coming ye old dogfarts, i got loads more!!!!!!!!