dodgy still haunts me................

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Sun Jul 22, 2007 1:35 pm

Ok ok, i guess as i get older my memory gets worse lol!! I do remember the wolf escape. Lucky they dug where they did or they would have been out of the section entirely!! Do you remember when they were building the train station outside the exit gates. They had built the steel work frame but the ground underneath was fresh dug soil. One of the workers was on the framework when he slipped and was dangling by his hands above the ground. He was only a few feet off the ground so another guy said just let go, its not far. This he did, but unknown to any of them we had buried a Camel there several months earlier. He dropped down and sank straight through the rotting rib cage and he landed in the rancid stomach remains. Needless to say he was sick!! I do believe he had some time off after that to recover, how unlucky!! Can you remember also when we had some maintenance guys in to repair the crush cage mechanism. We had some Lions in the house at the time so the maintenance guys were a little nervous. Gunner cleared the cage but left one Lion in the cage next to them. The guys went in and started work. Unknown to the guys Gunner moved the Lion across another pen leaving it clear and on his cue i was to pull the connecting hatch to where the guys were working. Gunner went in and started banging on the hatch as if the Lion was doing it, as it was doing all morning. Gunner gave me the nod and i pulled the hatch. Gunner leapt through roaring and shouting and the maintenance guys completely lost it!!! To say they shat themselves was an understatement!! They almost had a heart attack. It was so funny! I have never had the same amount of fun and banter anywhere else at all. I miss Windsor so much. Such a damn crying shame it had to go.

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Mon Jul 23, 2007 11:00 pm

yeah its a shame the park was raped by themes, im glad i went when i did, i dont think i could've sat around watchin the animals go......i mean the job was awesome, boring alotof the time and constantly lookin over yr shoulder for the dodgeman!!!!!! shit he was a nasty pice of work!!! tryin to stay awake was the trick......a few hrs in the blacktop on one gate in the summer was a killer. let alone a whole day!!! we used to do it though aye. i was remembering the times i got bollocked when i was completely when some dozey punter drove into the back of me in the tiger reserve when i was parked with the engine off.......he made out i backed into him till his wife got him to tell the truth.......of course pete had already given me the "how dya manage it " crap........and the time gonzo decided to give someone their wage sli[p outta his window when driving the feed, i saw one of the cubs go for his arm and shouted him so ha blamed me for not feeding her????? a if i knew he was gonna do something so stupid. also whenever the daihatsu got a tyre bitten and i was fault, if i was fault........jeeeeeeeeeeesus i was a outlet for anyhing that went wrong...........crazy cornish goose. i dont remember the camel bungie....i remember smashin up th old wolf huts and gonzo left me for a while. i was hittin a coffin shaped box that id dug up with a sledgehammer to break the corner.......when the lid sprung off a wolf leapt out and a ton of crap had to be mightily
well sometimes its good to look back but ya gotta look forward, we were robbed by those bastards was a crying shame, whether id still be there is doubtful but i loved most of it.....tryin to remember the two irish guys we had on 3 gate for a while. funny how 3 gate always got the new guys then they were shipped out to other sections. remember being called up to the dolphinarium to help the vet with a dolphin that had swallowed a bottle top....adam i think it was had to lie across its tail and i lay across its gut.......while the stomachee pump got going i felt wet down my top, the contents of its guts were running down a gully into my shirt. to top it all as i complained dodgy laughed and as i was gettin really pissed the fish pissed a jet all over me for about 2 minutes......nice sitting on 1 gate stinkin of dolphin piss and the hot summer.....arse!!!!!!

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