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Merlin the Tiger.

Posted: Wed Jan 03, 2007 1:55 am
Hello Tiger 1.

Sorry for the subject matter!! I thought that would catch your attention!

I viewed your Merlin Dragon forum. It was very interesting and nice to see some interests and wonderments in to the simple plesures of life.

When I was a young whipper snapper, 8 years old, maybe? I remember a satilite reentrey that slightly burned up in the atmosphere over East Sussex and crashed in India,I think? I have always belived it was Skylab but the time frame is not correct, so now I'm searching the WWW to find a news article for the seventies that corresponds with that time frame.

I must say Fern is a good looking JR. Many years ago Benn ( named after the retired Labour MP,Tony ) was a good looking short legged male JR that was apart of the family. It would be nice to find a good old British farm JR that has not been affected by its inclusion in to the KC fraternity, ie short legs and all muscle !!!!!!!!.

Well time to go. You should enter more topics on the WSP forum it would be good for momentum!!

See ya.

Merlin's Dragon

Posted: Mon Jan 29, 2007 8:31 pm
by tiger1
Thanks for visiting my site. It's just a series of observations, thoughts and ideas and gives people a glimpse of me and my likes and dis-likes. A bit of a rant now and then and updates of whats going on in my life. I have left a link to go to the to Windsor web site because Windsor had a very profound affect on me. The best years of my life i reckon. I am chuffed to bits that Falkor has gone to the trouble to set this site up. Thanks Falk. Anyway. Everyone is welcome to visit my site and leave any comments they wish, preferably nice ones hehe!! I have also left a link to Woburn safari park where i have also worked. Another great park that i have fond memories of. I have worked at 3 parks in all but sadly i no longer work at a Safari park as my last park, which shall remain nameless although many on this site know it, dis-allusioned me to such an extent that i had to leave. Its incredible the differences between each park. each one having their own ideas on whats best for the animals. Not always correctly. I'll say no more. The Windsor site is a great site bringing old friends and memories together.
All the best.

Late reply : (

Posted: Sat Mar 03, 2007 2:20 pm
How the time zooms on bye!!!

How is your photography coming along? I noticed that it is one of your interests, your in the right line of work and should carry your camera everywhere you go. You never know when that one in a million photo opportunity might just come your way! I have started to get back in to photography once again and I must say the digital revolution seems the way to go, for me, especially when your on a fixed budget. The film and the processing is no longer a problem or expense, and you can just trash the blurred photos ( not that I get any, NOT ) from the memory stick.
Would love to see how fern has grown up. If you need a website to keep you grounded ( not that I'm implying your not grounded : ) ) and informed when it comes to taking photos I can provide the link, it has really helped me understand my camera and what taking pictures of what YOU find interesting and what YOU feel is artful.

All the best