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1987 - 1991

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1987 - 1991

Post by Yolanda »

I don't know where to start (being heavily pregnant and emotional doesn't help!). My name's Yolanda (nee Struthers) and my Mum is Sylvia Struthers. Mum was Director of Education from 87 - 91 and I can't tell you what amazing memories we have. I remember so many of you (and probably have quite a few pics that some of you wouldn't want sharing). Mum was 71 this year, and I would love to organise something where staff from that period could all get together, share pics and stories. I've read quite a few stories about people I used to know, today, and have been having a good laugh/cry. If anyone knows the whereabouts of Karen, Tracy, Sarah, etc who worked in education with Mum, that would be fab. We've also lost touch with Sue Anderson (Knapp) over the past couple of years - she was in the retail area, if anyone knows what's happened to her. Also, Sonia from the Children's Zoo.
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Re: 1987 - 1991

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Welcome Yolanda - I remember the Education building, there were small animals living on one side of the building, e.g rabbits, tortoise and a classroom on the other side where schools would bring their pupils on days out

Would be very interested in seeing your photos! you can upload your photos to this website give it a try :77
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