Windsor Safari Park :BOOK

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Windsor Safari Park :BOOK

Post: # 1736Post falkor
Wed Apr 09, 2008 12:37 pm

I ordered this from Amazon something like a year ago and initially they told me it was on its way to me - then it wasn't as it was out of print

so I gave up

Last week they finally got round to looking in their basement and finally got me a copy

It's all about the Final Days of Windsor Safari Park

well that is just insufficient really because it covers the whole 22 years of Windsor Safari Park and that for me is absolutely fascinating reading, it's great stuff because the writer is non other than the Park's Chief Vet and he is writing from an impartial position and now pulls no punches in telling it as it was

If you ever went to Windsor Safari Park I would say definitely get it (they now have more in)
The Animals Came Out Two by Two: Final Days of Windsor Safari Park (Paperback)
by David Taylor