The official opening

What happened when you visited? What did you see? Stories, anecdotes, photos, scans, anything about visiting the legendary safari park as a paying customer!

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The official opening

Post: # 2481Post Bunt
Sun Feb 07, 2010 7:59 pm

I wonder if anyone can help me. I am looking for the TV news reports of the official opening. I was visiting the park with my Guide patrol , we had wandered away from the crowds and came across some baby elephants with their keepers. Suddenly a long line of safari vehicles appeared and news reporters with cameras jumped out with Princess Margaret and, I believe, Vicount Linley and Prince Andrew. Little did we know that we had visited on the day of the official opening. The elephants were set up for a photo shoot with the Princess. Because Princess Margaret was president of the guide movement she came over to talk to us and we were captured on film. The only problem was that the news was on past my bedtime and I was not allowed to stay up and watch it, so I have never seen it. Could anyone help me? What was the date of the official opening? I may be able to track down old news reports if I knew the date.

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Re: The official opening

Post: # 2484Post Sas
Mon Feb 08, 2010 11:51 am

You Tube may be a good bet as they have some old Billy Smarts Circus on there so must have the Park opening it would be good to see the photo's, im not sure of the exact date i'm hoping one of the others will read this and help you.

best regards

Sas hunter

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Re: The official opening

Post: # 2498Post tez bobrowicz
Wed Feb 24, 2010 4:22 pm

Hi Bunt,

The info you need wasn’t that far away. It’s on this site. Go to the main page find the page for MICK EDWARDS, scroll down to…
And the info you need reads…

The origins of the legendary safari park

On 31st March 1970 Her Royal Highness Princess Margaret and her son Viscount Linley, opened the brand new Royal Windsor Safari Park. The Mayor of Windsor, the Lord Lieutenant of Berkshire, and many other local dignitaries were presented to Her Highness in the Library of the St Leonards House (which still remains at Legoland to this day) etc: etc:

Hope this helps. Any photos you have would be nice?

Be happy Tez.

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Re: The official opening

Post: # 2507Post falkor
Tue Mar 02, 2010 6:12 pm

hi Tez - I believe that Bunt is after the TV news reports of the official opening

hey - would be great to see!!

sadly we do not have the TV news reports of the official opening :3

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