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Please send in your articles or photos

What happened when you visited? What did you see? Stories, anecdotes, photos, scans, anything about visiting the legendary safari park as a paying customer!

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Please send in your articles or photos

Post by falkor »

Welcome to Windsor Safari to see you here, now please send in any photos, maps - anything that is relevant to the safari park - the procedure is this, find my e-mail address at the bottom OF THIS SCREENYou will see my e-mail address beginning with falkor and in handwriting - right down at the bottom or.... just press the e-mail tab in the bottom of this post, although you won't "see" my e-mail address then, the message will still get through :wink:Please e-mail me right now and attach any photos or articles, I will be most pleased to have a look at them!

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Post by staffbarshaz »

hii have loads of photos of the park and staff...i also have genuine key from the mansion .... as that is where i used to live (top floor middle lol) and second floor too!have to dig them outlove shaz xx :lol:
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Re: Please send in your articles or photos

Post by samsoad »

hi there, i cant find the email address to send this to, is this the right link??
i went to the park about 4 times, certainly in 86/87 as i remember going for my friend's birthday.
i remember once there were tiger cubs in pets corner and we were stroking them thru the bars of the cage and when we went back later in the day there was a big sign up saying to not touch the tigers! i remember going round the park in the bus when we visited the brownies, which would have been before 1980. one visi i remember the bear section was closed off and all day you could hear the bears growling really loudly, i think they must have been feeling not very hispitable that day! i remember the tikki show, the parrot show and the wild bird show. one of the best parts was definately the covered (but outdoor) play area with the ball park. i remember being quite small the first time i went in it. i remember leaving my shoes running in and not wanting to go any further than the first bouncey bit you ran up, so my dad stood outside the mesh trying to convince me to go in but i just ran uo and bounced down! i remember going in at another time and there being a wooden beam that you crossed (with netting!) and it was high! it was quite scary as a lttle girl! my favourite bit was most definately the whinnie the killerwhale show! i remember always wanting to sit in the first few rows, but of course we never did!! i remember she was replaced by another whale later on, was it smartie? i feel very privilaged to have been able to see the whale shows as a child, even though i have seen then since, in the u.s windsor will always have a very special place in my heart. i think i might have a guidebook at home, perhaps i could photograph the pages and upload it? i think it had a giraffe on the front.... sam.
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