Anyone else stay here

What happened when you visited? What did you see? Stories, anecdotes, photos, scans, anything about visiting the legendary safari park as a paying customer!

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Anyone else stay here

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Sun Jun 26, 2005 8:05 pm

I recently stayed at Langton House B&B in Windsor where the owner was talking to me about how he remembered the Safari Park - he wanted to know if the site was the same size as Legoland and if has changed in general layout, in particular we were both amazed at all the parking area still unused currently and we were trying to relate that to where bits now were in relation to the bits of the old Safari park we both remembered as kids.
If anyone has any info i'm sure he'd appreciate it as i think he wanted to do a bit of an article on his web site about it. Contact him at


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Re: Anyone else stay here

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Fri Nov 21, 2008 8:54 am

I have some upto date photo's of the Park and you can hardly see the white house for all the trees and shrubs ect, ect, it's unreal I know were 20 odd years down the road or is that 30 lol but it has changed so much, but there are area's in the park that have not changed as I think Malc has had a guided tour round the place and you go through a gate and it's like going back in time, id love a good look round to see what's still there and to see the old runined house at the top of the park would be cool, I'l add the photo's this weekend if I get the chance and you'll see what I mean about change.



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