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23rd April, 1988 and just another route through for cars
the classic days of Windsor Safari Park

Although cars were allowed through the lion paddocks, staff drew the line at motorcycles.

Even motorcycle combinations were heavily frowned on, in fact visitors were actually encouraged to board the safari tour coaches, which would do an entire circuit around the park in under an hour.

1988: apple juice, cornish pasties, salad eggs and CAKES!


How many car parks were there in the park?

Hehe! Plenty! At the top of the park was the space for cars backing onto the SEA WORLD area but there was a huge grass overflow car park going even further up top and this was the one where people actually liked to get the kids out of the car and have a few sandwiches, cornish pasties and salad eggs!!

What could be more satisfying?
       I ASK YOU!!

John Child !

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At 10am on the 16th October 2003, I turned up at Legoland to see veteran Windsor Safari Park employee John Jeffries
DOWNLOAD the 800k interview.doc (2003) (WORD.DOC)   and read all about the fabulous day I had!!
The shock moment of the day came for me, when John Jeffries showed me through a "STAFF ONLY" door that ended LEGOLAND world and emptied you into 1992 Windsor Safari Park! Could I believe my eyes, when suddenly both John and I were standing on the old Mansion Road looking straight at DEER WALK!!? It hadn't been touched!! Having great memories of DEER WALK from ten years before, I must confess I was a little overcome with emotion to see this wondrous land just "there" - a ghostworld wilderness!

The old mansion road was pretty familiar too, as I had driven along it enough times - John Jeffries indicated further down the road, pointing out the Serengeti, that too had not been touched, in fact during that day ... John showed me over a surprising and truly colossal amount of ex-Safari grounds, that Legoland simply hadn't needed! And with John 'on side' to remind me what these places used to be, it was enough to ensure that I could go off to the canteen and have a good cry!! I was packing a tape recorder and taped every word that was said and this in turn, became a small article for the site!! Download it on the link above!!

John Child cartoons!

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Campaign to get a virtual Windsor Safari Park on the drawing board: WE NEED £1500

'You told me we could reconstruct Windsor Safari Park in 2 years!'

Can you help make it really happen?

could Windsor Safari Park ever be programmed in a 3D simulation to "HALF LIFE" standard?

can we raise £1500, to get a virtual Windsor Safari Park built in "Half Life style" programming ?

£1500 is at least what it would cost to get a model of the park laid down in virtual reality. If you have played the spectacular game "Half Life," you will know what type of 3D simulation can be achieved these days and the screenshot shown, is from that 3D game - to show the kind of quality that we desire for the Windsor Safari Park "world."

    Please pay into the WSFP 3D Fund to make it happen, just click the 'donate button.'

1. The fund is controlled by falkor of national Traffic

2. "Payment for" please show 'WSFP 3D project' and then immediately email me with the exact amount you donated !!

I'm sorry falkor - this is a restricted area, ex-workers ONLY!


Well we would get 3D simulation of the kind shown in these two screenshots!


This is the sticking point, obviously I would hope for 100%, but it occurs to me that if we just had the top of the site, SEA WORLD, Noah's Ark, the Parrot Show etc this would be something worth walking around totally - wouldn't you agree?


We could probably have it in just under a year

Don't underestimate the colossal scale of the project, it is huge and therefore we need a lot of money, £1500 is the absolute minimum. 3D programmers using game engines that have been tried and tested are masters of creating 3D worlds like this and would have little problems realising a Windsor Safari Park world. Obviously they would need as many photos of the target areas as possible and would work according to the photos given.

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"Go Wild at Windsor (1988)" view the 11 minute clip!
click here to view the 11 minute clip click here to view the 11 minute clip click here to view the 11 minute clip
we have 11 minutes of the video including Tigers, Lions, Birds of Prey Show, Butterfly House, Elephants, Giraffes and the Killimanjaro Toboggan Ride
click here to view the 11 minute clip click here to view the 11 minute clip click here to view the 11 minute clip

BACK TO 1988

This was where the safari route finished way back in 1988, with the daily feeding of the giraffes - who lived side by side with masses of zebra and in a pretty generously sized paddock too, well it looked pretty vast to me and of course included the huge "giraffe house"

The keepers would turn up at around 11am each day with bread palettes galore and just dump them down by the side of the fence.

Excited Mums Dads and kids would just love to farm out the bread to the giraffes, under the watchful gaze of the keepers of course, but it wasn't unusual to have half a dozen or more giraffes, all lined up along that fence being fed by the "humans"

If you walked away from that area, you came to some woodland toilets - the coach park, where hourly safari coaches could be boarded for a wicked ride around the safari routes (heaven for tired out drivers!!) and a bit further on the EDUCATION CENTRE on the other side of a woodland lake.

So all this was basically at the bottom of the site, leading onto areas like the FALCON ARENA, the children's zoo and the boating lake.       happy days!!

Windsor Safari Park

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The park was founded in 1969 by the Billy Smart's circus family who opened the dolphinarium in 1970.

The park was sold by Smarts in 1977 and had various owners until till it closed in October 1992.

The dolphins were relocated to Harderwijk Marine Mammal Park in The Netherlands.

A more detailed history of the park can be found here.


Ramu III (known as "Ramu," and later renamed "Winston") was an Orca ("killer whale") who resided at Windsor Safari Park in Berkshire, England between 1970 and 1976, and later, at SeaWorld San Diego in California between 1976 and 1986. An adult male, Ramu (actually Ramu III) was caught on August 8, 1970, after his pod of eighty orcas was 'corralled' in Penn Cove, near Coupeville, Washington, USA (six others were also caught, while four died and the remaining sixty nine escaped capture). At capture, Ramu was 13.32 ft (4.06 m) long and a member of the Southern Resident Killer Whales' L-pod. It is assumed his family members still survive in the Salish Sea and in nearby Pacific coastal waters.

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